Why should you Advertise your Real Estate Property on the Homes Kenya Magazine this Year?

Why should you Advertise your Real Estate Property on the Homes Kenya Magazine this Year?

Posted by Kenneth Ikiara | June 5, 2018 | Uncategorized

Below are some of the Key reasons why you should be advertising your real estate products with Homes Kenya Magazine this year.

Narrow Focus

Magazines take specializing to the next level. Advertising in a magazine that caters to a specific audience of enthusiasts or professionals targets that audience very precisely. The Homes Kenya Magazine has a dedicated readership of professionals and business leaders.

Homes Kenya Magazine caters exclusively to property owners, property letters, constructors and property financers. The demographics of the magazine is vast and very passionate about real-estate

Geographical Focus

Homes Kenya Magazine has a geographical blueprint that stretches from East Africa all the way to Central Africa. The digital copy of the magazine has an unlimited reach that stretches all the way to Timbuktu. It is one of the most sort after magazines that deal with real estate.

Safe and Secure

The days when people could click on Internet advertising and not worry about viruses, phishing or other hacking attacks are long gone. Homes Kenya Magazine digital copy guarantees a safe and secure website to download and read your digital copy without being pestered with pop-ups and malware. Your payment information is also protected and secured.

Shelf Life

An ad spot runs on TV, then it’s over. The same is true for radio. The daily paper gets thrown out. The Homes Kenya Magazines may sit on a coffee table for months, or in a doctor’s waiting room for months’ longer. After the buyer finishes reading the magazine, family members may read it, or they may give it to a friend or they may donate it to their local library. The ability to sell can continue long after you paid for the ad.

Premium Content

Consumers value magazine advertising, they are more likely to have a positive attitude toward advertising in magazines compared to other media. In addition, consumers are more likely to turn to magazines to search for information across a variety of categories compared to the internet. Homes Kenya Magazine Provides premium content for our readers and any advertising done has a service delivery guarantee.

Homes Kenya Magazine gives credibility:

The magazine has been in rotation for more than 10 years and has a reputation for quality and excellence. Any articles or advertisements done in the magazine are highly scrutinized and reviewed before going to print. This ensures you get only the best from the Homes Kenya magazine.

Print and digital audiences for the magazine is growing:

The number of magazine readers, as well as the average number of magazine issues, read in the past month has grown over the past five years. In addition, magazine website usage is growing faster than web usage overall. Homes Kenya has a large percentage of the market share ensuring reach and exposure of all our content.

Magazine advertising is relevant and targeted

Consumers consider magazine advertising more relevant than advertising in other media. With a range of title that appeals to a wide variety of demographics, lifestyles and interests, advertising with us you can hone in on targets that fit your needs.

Our advertising sells
Several studies demonstrate that magazines are generally the strongest driver of purchasing intent. This is because more than half of all readers act on magazine ads. Our wide readership ensures any ads placed on our magazine sell.

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