The Secrets to Designing a Stylish Kid’s Room

The Secrets to Designing a Stylish Kid’s Room

Posted by Jackline Mukami | October 1, 2019 | Blog

When you love fine art, are partial to high-end furniture, but have children who dominate your home, staying true to your design aesthetic can be challenging.

How do you show off the gorgeous new fabric you snagged on a trip abroad without worrying that your child will turn it into their bib? Is there a way to showcase that pricey auction treasure when your kids have turned your home into a playground?

There might be as many ways to decorate children’s rooms, as there are to raise them. So what does it take to design a space that both parents and kids can appreciate?

Ask them Questions

When it comes to designing a kid’s room, we recommend having a candid conversation to stimulate the child’s imagination and find out what they like and dislike. The more you involve them, the more they will love their room in the end.

Have Fun

Kids need to be surrounded by color, and not to take things so seriously. They should feel like their home is a place to breathe and have fun. You could use vibrant colors as an antidote to busy work schedules and school calendars.

Pay Attention to Wall Space

Wall space is always important in a kid’s room, so choose a print or piece of art that speaks to the child. Your selection should add a decorative touch and also be meaningful to the child.

Even if it is a favorite Disney movie poster, it must speak to the child, and as the child grows and develops, the art can be swapped out for a better age-appropriate piece.

Install Scones

If you read in bed together, install articulated sconces with dimmers in the wall so that you can have directional, adjustable light.

Do not Forget the Storage

Storage solutions are essential for a kid’s space, and it can be a challenge to find the right option to contain an ever-growing collection of books or toys.

Use storage that suits a child’s lifestyle and personality. Some kids like to be super-organized and some are more creative and less structured – let them determine how they want to live and decide on what works for them.

Experiment with Vibrant Patterns

Bold patterns are an easy way to bring a kid’s room to life. Anything, from florals to stripes is guaranteed to work, but it is worth asking the child you are working with about their favorite patterns.

Show them examples of photos or fabric samples and have them choose their preferred patterns.

Add a Dose of Luxury

Always add an element that is fuzzy, furry, or plush such as a blanket, throw, pillows, ottoman, or bench. Kids love to feel things that are soft and cozy.

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