Seven Clever Ways to make use of that Extra Room

Seven Clever Ways to make use of that Extra Room

Posted by Jackline Mukami | December 13, 2019 | Blog

If you have just exchanged on that luxurious new home you have always dreamed of, the chances are that you can’t wait to get in there and start making your mark.

The great thing about moving to a more spacious residence is the extra room you have to play with, and if you’re wondering what to do with that spare bedroom or loft conversion, a drab and uninspiring space can soon be transformed into a stylish office, a cozy reading nook or a walk-in wardrobe with just a lick of paint and a few elegant accessories.

If you have some extra space that you are just not sure what to do with, then the possibilities are endless, and you really can make it into anything you choose.

Whether you’re in need of more storage or just want to create a space in which you can truly unwind, there’s a solution to suit you – and these seven ideas are a great place to start.

Air BnB

Air BnB is awash with stylish and elegant homes, and you could easily get lost perusing them for hours.

But not everywhere available to rent is an entire apartment or house, so if you fancy a lodger or simply like the idea of further adding to your income then why not turn it into an extra bedroom and list it on Air Bnb?

With a few stylish touches, it could fast become the most sought-after accommodation choice in the area. Layering up cushions on bed in different textures and colors and adding chic lamps and rugs can easily dress up a simple space – you just have to have an eye for the finer details.

Home Office

If you work from home or have thought about starting to do so, turning your unused space into a chic home office could be a wise move.

To create an inspiring space, keep walls clean and white and the space bright and airy. Hang art, photographs or even a mood board on your walls, add a few plants and you are good to go.

Furniture wise, invest in a quality desk and chair – and shop around, as there’s no need to compromise on either comfort or style.


Reading Nook

If you love nothing more than getting lost in a good book, then a reading nook could be the solution you have always dreamed of.

Invest in a quality bookshelf so that you can store your favorite reads, and create a comfortable feel and a cozy atmosphere with plush furniture and blankets, cushions and throws. The perfect space in which to curl up and while away the hours.

Exercise Gym

Struggling to make it to the gym on a regular basis? A home gym could be the answer. Here, you can exercise, uninhibited, in the comfort of your own abode, without any worry about who might be watching or whether you have chosen the right outfit to run in.

Choose a few key pieces of equipment to address your exercise needs, but keep the room as spacious as possible to allow for plenty of movement while working out. A yoga mat, treadmill and a set of dumbbells should cover all bases.

Music Room

Are you a secret musical genius – or is there a budding young musician in the family? A dedicated music room could bring joy into your home – as well as keeping the noise to a minimum elsewhere in the house when all you want to do is relax and unwind.

A grand piano can make for a show-stopping centerpiece, while if you have a love for playing the drums, it would be the perfect place to practice.


If you plan on adding to your family or it is imminently about to expand, then turning your unused space into a brand new nursery is a lovely way to welcome your new arrival.

You can have it painted it with fun pictures and shapes, and furnish it with a beautiful designer cot.

Add a vintage-inspired mobile and a few cutesy accessories, make room for a changing table and anything else you might need, and your newborn will have a space of their very own from day one.

Crafts Space

For creative types, a private craft room could be the ultimate way to make use of your spare room.

If you like to craft, then you will know all too well how much space it often takes up and how messy it can get. By having a dedicated room for you and your artistic activities, you will keep clutter and mess contained in one place – and will be free to let your imagination run wild, uninterrupted.

With a few simple additions, you can easily transform an unused room from blank canvas to your favorite part of the house – all you have to do is decide which is the solution is for you.



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