Pro’s and Con’s of Open plan kitchens

Pro’s and Con’s of Open plan kitchens

Posted by Kenneth Ikiara | August 27, 2018 | Uncategorized

Home sweet home. This is the place to find happiness. If one doesn’t find it here, one doesn’t find it anywhere.

Of late though, my friend “Kate” has been arguing that people only choose to have open plan Kitchen just to have a western feel but “Eric”, my other friend says that open plan kitchen is more than that. So I went on a journey to understand the Pros and Cons of Open plan kitchen.

Pro: Making a Small Space Feel Larger

Small spaces can feel so much smaller when they’re cut up by walls that separate one living space from another.  Whether you’re in an apartment that can’t be expanded or adding on a room is costly, open-concept can be a perfect solution. An affordable way to make it look like you’ve got more square footage than you really do is by opening up your rooms to each other.

Pro: Being a Part of the Family

If you’re in charge of family mealtime, you know the feeling of isolation that comes with that culinary responsibility. While the rest of your household is watching a show, or playing in the living room, or doing homework at the dining room table, you’re toiling away in the kitchen. You miss out on conversation and togetherness simply because living spaces are cut off from each other.


Con: A Messy Kitchen Is Always on Display

A kitchen can be the messiest part of your home. The work of making a meal is inherently chaotic and unless you’re a master of clean-as-you-go there invariably will be visual clutter in your kitchen at some point. You can’t hide from a messy kitchen for a few glorious minutes or hours with an open-concept layout.

Pro: Entertaining Is More Social and Convenient

No matter how well planned-out a party is, a host knows that everyone always ends up in the kitchen. Your guests want to visit with you while they’re in your home. An open layout makes this so much more sensible for hosts and guests alike. While you’re prepping your meals and your signature drink, your guests can be at your buffet or on your couch and still take part in a conversation with you.

Con: There is No Perfect Way to Contain the Mess

When you want to hide away in the kitchen for a minute to catch your breath from that party that’s got you working your tail off. Other times, your kids’ toys have made their way to the living room; laptops are out, mail and papers from your “home office” pile up. It happens. With an open floor plan, there isn’t a good way to hide away or contain the mess.

Pro: Gorgeous Open Sight Lines

With no walls to block your view, the beauty of your whole home is on full display. This thoughtful plans allow a continuity of design and flow from space to space to be the highlight of a home. Today’s open floor plans are the beneficiaries of this change in concept and can be stunning visually.

Con: Load-Bearing Walls

When you look at a compartmentalized house and imagine an open flow from space to space, your first thought should be: is that a load-bearing wall? Knocking down one of these key walls can come at a huge cost and requires a professional. In many cases, those load-bearing walls can be replaced with beams that displace the weight of your home, but they’re not cheap. The cost can easily run into the thousands and thousands of dollars.

Pro: Eliminating Underused Spaces

Maybe your grandmother had a room that the kids weren’t allowed in. In fact, you may not have ever seen anyone in the perfectly kept formal living room. Maybe in your house, the formal dining room only gets some love on major holidays. If a large percentage of your house is taken up by rooms like this that are underused and you’re craving more useable space, then open-concept living could be the answer.


Con: Lack of Privacy

If you need some solitude to get work done. Open-concept homes don’t provide the privacy that is needed to accommodate any of those situations. Being together all the time means being together ALL the time. It’s a big factor you need to consider.

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