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Issue 68

Our Home feature this year was one of the most heartwarming we have done in a while. Why? Because it made us really believe that home ownership is possible for every one of us. The charm and hospitable nature of the hosts was unmatchable and we learnt an immense lot from the young couple who have broken the ceiling wall to build a beautiful home in Karen.
This feature is ideal for this April’s Kenya Homes Expo, themed #BridgingtheGap. We themed the expo this way for the mere fact that very many of us are looking to buy or build homes, have land, but have no idea where to begin or
how to go about the business of bringing your ideas and investments to life. The theme passionately driven by our underlying need to provide a platform where all people from all classes of life can get access to home ownership and advise on the journey towards owning their first home.
Be a local tourist and get to know the beauty of your country. It’s not just about places to see, it’s about how you can transform your space and get ready for the cold season. See our brilliant buys, maximize on your interior
décor style and get ideas from the HomesKenya team.
It’s April, one of the most exciting months for HomesKenya, because this is the first month of the year where we hold East & Central Africa’s biggest homes show, the Kenya Homes Expo. This April, the expo is host to some of the most innovative service providers of homes, land, fnancial products.
More of this and more in your copy of HomesKenya Magazine. Enjoy your read, and remember let us know what you think; we love to hear from you. Enjoy your read! Hope to see you from 27th – 30th at the region’s biggest
homes show!

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