Homes Kenya Magazine

Issue 67

How is the New Year coming along? We hope it is as exciting as it is for us here at
HomesKenya and bearing really good fruits for you, your loved ones and your businesses. We are in the Kenyan summer, and this January is even hotter than has been, what with the dry heat of January that is seemingly changing to a humid state that draws in very hot nights. Who knows, it could be the climate change that’s affecting us.

To counter this, we have put in content to create an interest in travel around the city with the vibrant upcoming hotels that have changed the outlook of the city, real estate features for the rising middle class who are looking for beautiful high end homes at affordable costs and inspirational interior décor and design stories. In the My Home segment, we travel to Britain and give you a showcase a most amazing home that sits by the famous Thames River.

Closer home, we drive up the scenic Ngong Hills to a tranquil upcountry home and visit the newly opened Concorde Hotel in Parklands. Summer rings the outdoors, and in line with this, we take you on an exciting walk through our garden feature, learn how to bring the outdoors into your space, and how to transform your interiors into a beautiful haven of peace, intrigue and interest.

We don’t want to water down your appetite, so please delve into your favorite read with your chilled lemonade or hot cuppa coffee.

Enjoy your read, and remember, let us know what you think; we love to hear from you.

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