HK Magazine Issue 81

In today’s world, it seems almost impossible to take a break since we are always plugged into a vast array of devices and forced to keep up with the fast pace in which the world moves. When does one find the time to break away and unplug, how do you choose where to go with the endless array of destinations and experiences available?

In this issue of Homes Kenya, we take you jet-setting around the world for a dazzling display of the top getaways. The locations range from secluded upcountry destinations to bustling cities, and everything in-between.

We decided to stay true to our colors by not only highlighting homes and destinations, but also the design and décor that goes into making a luxury residence feel like home.

Remember luxury is not about perceived brand image, premium price tag, a big building to moot and a grand lobby decked out to awe.

Luxury originates from the elements of intelligent-discrete service, unique experiences to make the stay memorable and stand out, seamless transition from transit to sojourn, cuisine that is authentic, and above all else, comfort.

So whether or not you are picking this edition up in your suite, en route to your holiday or you are just stuck in the office, I hope this issue – which touches on everything from living, to travel and leisure – helps get your wheels turning.

Stay with us – and expect more.

Created by Jackline Mukami | October 24, 2019 | 2019

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