Own The Faux Far Trend With These Interior Designer Tips

Own The Faux Far Trend With These Interior Designer Tips

Posted by Jackline Mukami | November 27, 2019 | Blog

Faux fur: It’s so cozy. It’s so welcoming. It adds an err of opulence. And right now, it’s on its way to becoming a toasty hot interior design trend.

For a long time, the style was very streamlined, modern and on the colder side, but people are starting to want their homes to feel as comfortable as possible.

As the luscious material trends on the runway, interior designers say it’s also appearing more and more in homes. Why? As the design world takes a turn from cold contemporary to cozy opulence, designers use it for its luxurious yet inviting nature.

Naturally, faux fur also appeals to home decorators who want to stay animal-friendly.

But, don’t start searching for all things furry just yet. Read on for interior designers’ top tips when it comes to adding a bit of faux for glam to your home.

  1. Add It to A Space That Needs Texture

Interior designers typically add faux fur to a neat and tidy space when they want it to be just a tad cozier or more inviting.

When they use faux fur, they are looking for some really luscious texture in the room. If you look at a space and everything is neat, tidy and clean, you want something that’s sumptuous and cozy. It’ll really elevate the space: this texture can come in the form of a simple faux fur pillow, rug or throw.

  1. Limit It To One Or Two Items

On the note of a faux fur throw pillow, rug or throw, take note: You get to choose one or two. Not all three.

It’s definitely possible to go overboard with faux fur, so try to limit it to one or two items strategically placed in a room, otherwise, it starts looking like you live in Antarctica and you went overboard with a trend. Just a touch of it is sophisticated.

When in doubt, go with less – just throw just one pillow on your sofa to add texture, without being too heavy or too rustic.

  1. Look at the Tone and Fur Length

As with any interior design purchase, it’s important to research what companies in your area sell the highest quality faux fur, and to inspect it yourself before buying.

Look for items that have longer hair, so it doesn’t look fake. It is also important to look for a lot of variation in tone, so items that aren’t just a flat gray or a flat white, but that really have a rich tonal variety.

And remember: If you’re looking for light-colored faux fur, creamy hues will always look more natural than stark white.

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