How to Turn your Guest Room into a Luxury Hotel-like Experience

How to Turn your Guest Room into a Luxury Hotel-like Experience

Posted by Jackline Mukami | November 29, 2019 | Blog

When you finally move into that dream home, the extra space you have longed for can be a burden as much as it is a blessing, and many people fail to consider the extra cleaning and organizing that is required when compared with a smaller house.

Extra empty rooms can gather dust and attract clutter, all without serving a purpose – but with a few clever tips and some tasteful choices in décor, that extra space can be transformed into the spare room of your dreams.

Unsure how to take your empty space from bland and boring to the luxury bedroom of dreams? These simple tips are all you need to get started;

Create an ensuite bathroom and equip it with the finest amenities and functions

En-suite bathrooms are common in larger houses, but guest rooms are less likely to have the privilege of a private bathroom. Even so, you can easily have one put in, and doing so can elevate your guest space to an opulent room that promises the utmost in comfort and relaxation.

When it comes to achieving that decadent feel, it’s all about those high-end fixtures and fittings. A free-standing, claw-foot bathtub is the ultimate show-stopper, and will look impressive sitting in the center of a spacious bathroom.

Of course, that luxury hotel experience doesn’t end with the space itself, and thick, high-quality towels and robes, along with some of the finest bottled toiletries, will all help to create the feel you are looking to achieve. Often, it is the smallest things that make a big difference, and a sumptuous bathroom is no exception.

Adding an ensuite bathroom to your toilet can be quite a challenge, but if you are willing to speak to a designer or contractor then it can be a rather simple build to manage. It’s a dramatic change, but one that will add no end of value and appeal to guests.

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Offer maximum storage and productivity space for your guests

Invest in maximizing the amount of storage space in your guest bedrooms by introducing extra wardrobe sections, under-bed storage and even overhead storage in cabinets.

There is a good chance that unused guest bedrooms have been filled with old linen and clothes that haven’t been used for a while, so it is worth clearing out storage units and giving them a good wipe down to remove any traces of dust. Pack your own linen and old clothes into personal storage, then leave the cupboards and wardrobes clear for when your guests plan to visit.

Your visiting guests will have clothes and other belongings of their own to store, so providing them with the means to do so in a neat and convenient fashion will make their lives easier as well as yours.

A few high-quality coat hangers in your wardrobes can come in very handy for dresses, jackets, and coats, while shoe racks and boxes will make it easier to store footwear out of the way.

Meanwhile, providing some extra pillows and blankets in your cupboards or wardrobes, much like how a hotel does, will ensure that guests have all they need for a warm and comfortable stay. Show that you have thought of the finer points of their stay, and you are bound to be rewarded with grateful comments and good reviews online.

It is relatively easy and inexpensive to add some extra storage space to your guest room, but the key to getting it just right is ensuring that it fits in seamlessly with the overall decor theme.

Too many extra shelves and cupboards can seem out of place and make the room feel cluttered, while a clash in styles of furniture can easily ruin a carefully curated space, so try to consider the room as a whole before impulse buying a piece that might not work with the theme.

Provide self-contained amenities that help your guests relax

Most guest rooms will rely on the rest of the house in some way or another – and heating, air conditioning, and hot water can rarely be controlled independently.

Make this a priority, however, and guests are bound to feel more relaxed and comfortable during their stay. It is all about making them feel special, and that includes giving them things their way.

Consider installing a heating system that is used exclusively by the guest room itself. This means adding a personal thermostat and air conditioning unit for the guest room so that visitors can manually control the temperature according to their liking.

Adding a couple of extra power sockets to ensure guests can use all of their electronic devices with ease is also a wise move. If possible, add a wireless internet switch to the room, too, as this will ensure that the guest room gets excellent internet connectivity off your main network.

Planning the perfect decor arrangement for your guest bedroom

Once you have facilities and functionality down to an art, there is only one thing left to consider. Getting your décor just right is the key to creating a positive first impression, and speaks volumes about your own sense of taste.

You can either take a similar approach to the rest of your home and opt for similar shades and tones, or go for a complete contrast and give it its own clear identity. The latter is a great tactic for making guests feel special when they visit – it’s like stepping into an entirely different space, and one they can have all to themselves.

Opting for a completely different décor theme can often offer better results for those wanting to create a highly unique and luxurious experience for each guest, too – giving them a stay that is memorable for all the right reasons.

Even so, if the thought of starting entirely from scratch feels like an insurmountable task, then working with what you already have and perfecting it is the next best approach. Try adding some floral decor to an otherwise plain room to make it a little more interesting, update the space with some high-quality furniture, sand, and polish aging floorboards and fix and paint over any cracks or areas of faded color.

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