How to Design the Perfect en-suite Bathroom

How to Design the Perfect en-suite Bathroom

Posted by Jackline Mukami | March 20, 2020 | Blog

There are always ways to upgrade your living space, whether that consists of a change in décor or additions to your property.

One way to add a little luxury to your home, and style of living, while not creating an imposing addition or adding too much stress that building work can bring, is with an en-suite.

Whether you are taking part in another room or minimizing your existing space, it is amazing how much can be fit into a small space with a little careful planning. Read on for top things to keep in mind when designing your luxurious en-suite;


The main aspect of your new room is going to be the suite itself and you will need to decide what style you are going for.

Are you looking to replicate a Roman-era room with marble and ornate features? Are you all about the angles and fancy a modern look with corners and straight edges? Or does the classic country style look to suit your tastes with a roll-top bath and sink on a wooden bench?

Narrow down your options and seek out a suite that sits perfectly in your home.


There may not be a huge amount of space but the flooring, tiling and accessories will have to be considered carefully – too dark will make the already-small room even smaller and opting for a color scheme that clashes with your bedroom is a no.

This does not mean that you have to match the color and style up exactly as, what works for one room does not necessarily work in another, but a co-ordinating style will work perfectly.


Are you hoping to squeeze in a bath, do you have space for a shower or is this simply a toilet and sink job?

If you have the space for more, then go for it – the more you can fit, the less likely you will be disturbed as other members of the household can use the main bathroom.

Consider the most useful layout and ask yourself- which way the door will open? Have you put the sink in the most useful spot? Is there a good view that you can make the most of with a bath under the window?


Though a small item in the room, choosing the right tap is very important as, much like the doors handles in a kitchen, it is the finishing touches that bring the room together to create your perfect space.

So do not rush the decision, think about how they will look with your chosen suite, do you want a mixer tap or individual ones?

They are not just an afterthought, they can complete the look perfectly.


Who wants to stand under the shower and feel a gentle trickle dripping on their head? No-one, that’s right!

Whether you would like to replicate the feel of a rainforest downpour or an Atlantic spray, with jets sprouting water at you from all angles, there is a huge range of showers to choose from, ensuring you will find something to suit your needs.

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