How to Buy an Outdoor Fireplace for a Luxe Transitional Outdoor Space

How to Buy an Outdoor Fireplace for a Luxe Transitional Outdoor Space

Posted by Jackline Mukami | November 30, 2019 | Blog

Want to transition your outdoor space seamlessly? Aside from a few blankets and throw pillows, an outdoor fireplace is the key to year-round coziness. But while the idea of sitting fireside under the stars is a dream, buying the right fire pit and installing it properly can get tricky.

From prepping your yard to shopping the perfect design, here is your 101 guide to completing your outdoor living area with a fireplace;


First thing’s first: you need to ensure that your outdoor space is fit for a fireplace or pit, allowing the fire to burn without causing any damage.

A natural wood burning fire pit would need at least a 12-18 inch permitter of dirt or stone that won’t allow embers to catch fire. Electric and gas fireplaces are more of a modern look and don’t require much space as they usually come as a stand-alone unit.

Make sure the area is free of low-hanging vegetation and that you build a solid frost footing or compacted sub-base underneath the pit itself.

If you would like exterior lighting, outlets or accessible power sources are important. As is a nearby water source or hose bib for convenience. It is critical to design the fireplace where you will have ample space for comfortable seating. A good Wi-Fi signal may be a plus.

Factor in all costs

Adding an outdoor fireplace isn’t a matter of buying one online and calling it a day. Always understand your budget before considering undergoing the project. Make sure you calculate materials and estimate labor costs accurately.

Determine what kind of fireplace would work best

For yards, we would suggest a fire pit. They’re easy and old fashioned. For patios and balconies, we would suggest using electric or gas units that are all-in-one.

You also need to be aware of your local zoning, building, and fire codes. Keep in mind that “it is typically required to have a licensed contractor install gas and electric lines.”

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Consider different styles

The truly fun part of this whole process? Shopping the endless design options. Your outdoor space should be an extension of your indoor style, especially since you will be able to see your fireplace from indoors!

Fire bowls are a beautiful all-in-one addition to the landscape that works well in many settings, including terraces and balconies. These features are typically gas-burning, which is a big plus if you want easy cleanup, and they come in a wide variety of sculptural styles.

Be specific when hiring help

Whether you are seeking help from an outdoor fireplace expert on Thumbtack or a landscape architect, give them as much information as possible to reduce confusion, costs, and time.

If you want to build a fireplace from scratch or install a modern fire table, give them all the details and get a price quote.


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