Everything you need to know about Ordering Custom Furniture

Everything you need to know about Ordering Custom Furniture

Posted by Jackline Mukami | October 3, 2019 | Blog

If the thought of ordering custom furniture gives you a headache, you might want to reconsider. A few simple strategies can make the process stress-free, and in the end, you are likely to have a piece of furniture that truly reflects your style and works well with the layout of your home.

Here are top pointers on choosing the best piece of furniture for you and your space;

Plan Well

Before you even begin shopping for custom furniture, it is crucial to spend time thinking about the layout of your space. Once you have a design scheme in mind, share your plan with your retailer of choice.

There are a lot of options in terms of profile and aesthetic and it can be difficult to find what works best in your space. But when you are shopping at the right brand, there should be a resource to help with decisions like how to effectively understand how a piece of furniture will fit in your space and look in your home.

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Know what is Worth Customizing

Always consider placing custom furniture in spaces like bedrooms and dining areas that are used frequently.

Key rooms are where you will have a piece of furniture for a longer period of time. You will feel more confident with your furniture choice because you had the opportunity to personalize it

Request Samples

Whenever there is a chance to order samples of an item of interest, do so. There is nothing quite like seeing and touching a piece of fabric in person.

It is important to see samples, particularly of fabric, in your space. Seeing how a fabric responds to light and holds up to pets or even a wine spill can help you determine whether it is suitable for your lifestyle.

Along with fabric swatches, wood samples can be helpful, too. Wood tones can vary from brand to brand quite a bit.

Understand the Return Policy

Eliminate any disappointment by being aware of a brand’s return policy and level of customer service. You might get an item and it’s not to your liking or it doesn’t fit through the door that you thought you measured perfectly.

Having the option to return an unwanted piece of furniture is a major convenience. Just keep in mind that most companies will charge a restocking fee for the returned item.

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