Everything You Need to Design a Grand and Gorgeous Foyer

Everything You Need to Design a Grand and Gorgeous Foyer

Posted by Jackline Mukami | March 6, 2020 | Blog

The foyer is usually the first part of your living space that your guests experience. Therefore, it can make a lasting impression.

This is the moment someone walks in your home and you can either set the tone to be museum-like or ‘hey, this is my house and you’re welcome to kick off your shoes and relax.

Regardless of your aesthetic, budget, or even the size of your space, creating an impressionable foyer is easier than you think.

Here is everything you need for a grand and gorgeous foyer;

A Great Plant

If we have learned anything in the last decade, it’s that adding some live greenery to any space is a no brainer.

You can’t go wrong with a Fiddle Fig Leaf, and this one can be ordered year-round.

Something “Weird”

Sure, there are lots of common things we often come across in a stylish foyer, but it is the unexpected that really make a lasting impression.

It is important to have something ‘weird’ in your foyer. However, you don’t want to have bean bag chairs and clutter in the foyer – so think an eclectic mix of formal and fun.

For example, you could install a statement light fixture that’s mid-century modern and hung above a glass foyer table.

Think items like a giant hornet’s nest, a giant sea sponge or a humungous crystal – this gives a vibe of Anthropologie but without the frill

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A Rug or Runner

Pretty much every gorgeous foyer has something in common: it has a statement-making floor covering.

Because your foyer is a high traffic area, you want to make sure it is resilient and can be easily cleaned. Also, shy away from bright whites or extremely dark colors, which will both show stains and dirt more easily.


Create instant intrigue with a bold, graphic wallpaper that stops people in their tracks.

Instead of making a long-term investment, we suggest the peel & stick version that can be easily swapped in and out without leaving a sticky residue.

 A Beautiful Bench

If you have a large foyer, offering some sort of decorative seating can serve a multi-functional purpose.

In addition to looking great, it can be a place for someone to put down their stuff, or even sit while they remove their shoes.




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