Essential Things to Consider when Creating a Modern Luxury Home

Essential Things to Consider when Creating a Modern Luxury Home

Posted by Jackline Mukami | November 25, 2019 | Uncategorized

From sprawling mansions to penthouse apartments, luxury homes come in all shapes and sizes – and if you thought it was only what’s on the outside that counts, then it is time to think again.

No matter how grand the building you live in, the opulence comes from within – it’s all about creating that high-level experience by adding amenities and services that make you feel like royalty every single day.

A truly luxurious home should cater to your every need, giving you that hotel experience and making you feel utterly spoilt. From indulgent conveniences such as pools, home gyms and tennis courts, to a live-in team of staff, there are plenty of ways to create a lavish abode you love to live in.

Not only will upgrading your home make for a pleasurable lifestyle for you, but it’ll also add value to your home in the process. These are the three secrets to getting it right;


The most luxurious homes will blow guests away from the moment they set foot in your front door, and you deserve to feel this way about it too, each time you arrive home.

A grand entryway and spacious hall area that gives way to a towering split staircase will have the desired effect – but if you are working with a different layout, then there are other ways to add a good dose of that ‘wow’ factor.

A sparkling chandelier or an antique coat-stand are both subtle touches that will have the desired effect. And when it comes to elsewhere in the house, it’s all about choosing statement pieces of furniture that demonstrate your impeccable taste – whether it’s a beautiful, one-of-a-kind chaise lounge to a stunning gilded dresser.

The kitchen, meanwhile, is the heart of your home – it’s the place where you cook, eat and even entertain, and so an impressive layout with all the mod-cons is essential to giving yourself that luxury experience.

The more spacious, the better – but key features such as a central island, a double Aga or range cooker and a large, American-style fridge, will make all the difference.

Don’t forget the outdoor areas, either – a private swimming pool or hot-tub and an alfresco cooking and dining area will all add value to your home – and you’re bound to enjoy using them, too.


A luxurious home should be a comfortable one – after all, looks are not everything, although they certainly go a long way to creating that aesthetic appeal.

Look for ways to combine the two – you might consider investing in a grand four-poster bed, and combining it with a sumptuous mattress and bedding that you will look forward to sinking into each night.

A memory foam mattress will guarantee you a good night’s sleep – and that’s something you really can’t put a price on.

A life of opulence also requires an indulgent bathroom, and if you frequent some of the best spas and hotels in the world, then you will know exactly what we’re talking about.

Re-create this opulence in your everyday life with a spa-like bathrooms in your own homes – just add a massive walk-in shower and a huge, freestanding clawfoot bath or a jacuzzi tub, and you’ll have the ultimate stress-reliever at your fingertips after every long and trying day.

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We can’t ignore the plethora of home technology devices flooding the market today, and kitting your home out with the ones that will make your life easier is the key to living an opulent lifestyle.

At the touch of a button on your iPhone, you can now lock your doors control your central heating or switch on the lights – and thanks to virtual assistants such as the Echo or the Alexa, just a few words and you can find out the weather for the day or have your favorite music pumped through your home.

Today, many homes have a range of high-tech features already built into them, which will save you, even more, hassle and expense – not to mention make your home more sought-after when it’s time to sell it yourself.

When it comes to creating a luxurious home, it all comes down to the way you like to live your life, and you can make various additions and adjustments to suit your personal taste. But consider these three-pointers in all that you do, and you certainly won’t go far wrong.


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