Emerging trends In Office Interiors

Emerging trends In Office Interiors

Posted by Jackline Mukami | July 30, 2019 | Blog

Almost everything about the formal workplace and its interiors has evolved over the last few years. These are the top emerging trends in office interiors that you could bring joy to your working space;

Activity-based planning of spaces

The modern workspace acknowledges that an office is not merely a working space. It is also a space where life happens; actual working, reading or research, dining, informal catching-up and even breastfeeding.

Therefore, the current trend is to provide small spaces that cater to these needs by incorporating the required infrastructure required for the various activities.

Splashes of color

Gone are the days when office walls and furniture was supposed to be bland with greys, blacks and whites. The modern office has fully embraced the color wheel as a way of branding the spaces while brightening up the work experience.

Incorporate your organization’s corporate colors into your office interior décor.

Wireless technology

The laptop and other wireless devices such as the mobile phone have given rise to a similarly mobile workforce that is not condemned to sitting in one place.

This has hence brought the concept of creating a series of working spaces away from the traditional workstation. The challenge for you would be to provide a wider range of stimulating spaces all around the office.

Paperless file storage

The invention of off-site storage and document management such as cloud has meant less need for those bulky cabinets that you most likely do not have room for. Office interior design has hence seen less and less provision for physical document storage.

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Interior plantscaping

Indoor planting has always been a part of office interior décor but the contemporary office has taken this to the next level by integrating plant-related art –form such as bonsai. 

Water features in your office space

It is becoming less and less unusual to see a waterfall or water fountain flowing along an office lobby or inside an office. Like plants, water is a sure fire way of bringing that much needed hint of life into the workplace.

Open plan office model

Open plan offices have replaced the traditional office premises that were characterized by multiple, small, often dark rooms. The open plan model has several workstations and even small meeting areas in-between.

This model has been lauded for the fact that it allows greater interaction among co-workers, while allowing for free flow of information.

Glass walls

 In an era where organizational transparency and accountability is not only necessary but also profitable, office interior partitioning has taken a visibility approach where glass walls are preferred, as opposed to solid concrete walls.

Wall animations

Every organization has a mission, core values, and ideals that it would like to communicate to its clientele and general public.

Many modern offices have taken to doing so pictorially, by having thematic artwork such as paintings and collages professionally done on the walls of their lobbies, or reception lounges.

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