DIY: Ways to Add Elegance to Your Home

DIY: Ways to Add Elegance to Your Home

Posted by Jackline Mukami | March 18, 2020 | Blog

Most of us look around our homes and feel there is more than can be done in each room to get that perfect look but sometimes it is difficult to see exactly what needs to be done in order to upgrade our décor from good to great.

Ever-changing styles provide us with more decisions to make and it can be difficult to decide that your décor no longer needs work. Read on for our 7 top tips to add elegance to your home.

Tip1: Keep things simple

Try not to get too overwhelmed with the idea that every room has to look like it’s ready for a magazine shoot.

Updating your home to a standard that you find elegant and comfortable is the aim and if that means changing a few small things or an entire room from top to bottom then that’s fine but make sure to keep the look consistent.

Do not be tempted to buy every stylish thing you see and hope it works, do your research first if starting from scratch and plan ahead so that the outcome is as elegant as its owner.

Tip 2: Keep it tidy

You can spend all the time, energy and money you like into updating your home to a standard fit for royalty but if it is not kept tidy and clean, then there is very little point.

Our lives are busier these days, so if this is a worry for you then consider hiring a cleaner, if you don’t have one already. Your home will be yours to enjoy rather than spending hours making it presentable.

Tip 3: Colour

The colors within the walls of our home have the ability to affect our mood and it’s also a perfect opportunity to showcase our personalities and styles.

Always try to stick to the golden rules of color when you are looking to update your walls such as darker shades for larger rooms only and lighter shades for smaller ones as well as color-matching.

White induces a clean, fresh feel and can be brought to life with pops of brighter colors or made ultra-modern with an abundance of houseplants, while pale greys induce an elegant and calming atmosphere.

Brighten up your home with pale yellows for an optimistic outlook or add an air of royalty with rich purples; pale blues give off a cooler vibe, while darker shades offer comfort and elegance.

Tip 4: Hardwood floors

This is not such an easy update but it will be worth the effort and cost and will make a huge impact on your home. The varying options when choosing solid hardwood floors mean that you can go classic or modern, depending on the style and color you choose and it will look great for years to come.

Long-lasting and with a high-quality look, this flooring will certainly add the wow factor to your home and it is easy to clean and provides a better indoor environment for allergy sufferers too as carpets can trap, dust, dirt and pollens.

Tip 5: Lighting

Consider different lighting options to suit your current style. Whether you have a classic or contemporary look in your home, there will be a huge variety of lighting you can choose from to add class and elegance to any room.

Lighting makes a difference, whether you go for hanging pendant lamps, wall lights, sleek spotlights, ceiling lights with super-modern glass shades or metallic options, you will surely find something interesting to add a talking point to your home.

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Tip 6: Accessories

Give your room an elegant touch by adding beautiful and fashionable accessories that can be changed with the seasons and even swap them between rooms to give a different look as and when you feel.

A new wall clock or piece of art can change the look instantly, while mirrors will help the room look more spacious. An accent chair will be a big draw for guests, while custom canvas photos are a popular way to style special photographs in a modern way.

Make use of windows with curtains or blinds that emphasize what you have and don’t block any part of the window, if you can, let the light in!

Match curtains, cushions, and rugs to bring the look of the room together and feel free to change up cushion covers with the changing seasons to instantly update your room every quarter.

Indoor plants add a contemporary look and bring life and elegance to any room – just remember to take care of them!

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