Design Tips to help you Create an Epic Bathroom Full of Grandeur

Design Tips to help you Create an Epic Bathroom Full of Grandeur

Posted by Jackline Mukami | December 11, 2019 | Blog

Nothing is better than returning from a difficult day at work or a long, refreshing walk and relaxing in a warm bubble in your bathroom to soothe those tired muscles.

This scenario can only made better, of course, if you have a glass of something delicious in hand, scented candles bouncing little flickers of light around the room and someone cooking you a lovely dinner in the kitchen. That may be more of a dream than reality most of the time, but we can wish!

It is one of the most used rooms in your home and, while it may have its essential uses, many people use the bathroom as a place to unwind. So, when the time comes to re-design the bathroom, do not overlook this space in terms of style and elegance, in fact, it’s quite the opposite – you can create a beautiful area that is inviting for you and can also add value to your home if you’re considering selling up in the future.

Getting the dream bathroom may seem like a big hurdle to climb, but it is more achievable than you think. A remodel is not a project to enter into lightly, and it can be a tough process, involving a lot of work and mess.

However, as a functional room, it deserves to have the effort put into it, and there are many ways you can create a sumptuous room, full of grandeur. So, if your bathroom is your next big project then consider our top tips below for getting the bathroom of your dreams;

Take inspiration from websites

When planning a project the first thing to do is to gain inspiration from a variety of sources, so grab your phone or laptop and start looking – this is the fun bit! It really helps to gain a clear vision of what you would like as an end result so you can ensure that it is achieved, as well as giving you an idea of how much what you want is likely to cost.

Websites such as Pinterest and Instagram are full of inspiration to help you get started, with so many home interior accounts sharing their perfectly styled homes. Smaller businesses online can also be a great place to gain some necessary insight into what can be achieved.

Deciding on the overall look and style

What gaining inspiration can do for you is to help you decide on the style you want when it comes to your bathroom and the overall look that you want to achieve.

However, you may want to consider other interior trends that you have already embraced in your home, for example, your house might be a Victorian property and you may have taken time to bring back to life some original features.

It may be that you have an ultra-modern, brand new home and you want the bathroom to be streamlined and fitted, or maybe you just need to change the layout so that the space works better for you. The style is what you want to achieve, so don’t be afraid to explore different options to ensure you pick the right finish for your home.

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Let the experts do the work

Not all of us are good at DIY or getting jobs done, especially with the likes of a bathroom, so it’s recommended to have plumbers in to take on the pipes and water fixtures.

Sometimes looking for bathroom remodeling options can have you a little flustered, but it will be worth it in the end. From the fitting of the new suite to the overall decorating, experts can often bring together your dream together in half the time it could take you, or a friend, to do it yourselves.

It might be worth asking around locally to gain some recommendations of professionals and you can also check out their completed work beforehand to give you an idea of their expertise.

Think of alternative ways to use the space

Your bathroom may look a certain way now, be laid out with the bath in one place and the basin in the other but this does not mean it has to stay that way. You can change where the bath sits, add a separate shower unit into the mix, and even change where the toilet and basin is, or add some additional storage.

Properties with larger bathrooms have the benefit of adding more to it, which can only increase the value of your property once completed. However, older, more traditional properties may have smaller bathroom spaces to work with.

Thankfully, there are so many different ways in which you can work the layout of a bathroom, which may leave you surprised just how spacious it can look once it’s finished

The styling side of things can be the fun part

Once your bathroom is in, or you have chosen your new bathroom suite, you can now start to enjoy the fun part of styling it. You may think that you are limited with the bathroom, but actually, there are so many potential ways to style it – starting with the tiles.

Whether this relates to wall tiles or flooring, there are so many different options to consider but, hopefully, your research will offer up some insight here.

Patterned tiles can bring in an element of tradition, while plain white subway tiles offer up a modern finish, and this ties in well with the overall color scheme.

Will you opt for tiles all over or part painted walls? Remember to choose towels and accessories you may have on display that work with the overall scheme and plants are a great way to add life and depth to the room.

Make a feature out of certain aspects

Finally, a bathroom may need to be functional, but that does not mean it cannot be spectacular.

A statement item such as a stand-alone roll-top bath adds elegance, while a vanity unit or mirror with lighting is a must and underfloor heating is undoubtedly going to offer you a luxury most-desired when stepping out of the shower or bath.

Instead of a closed shower, consider a wet area or used exposed pipes to offer a contemporary feel. A copper floor or strange tiling can add a look to your new bathroom that brings in that wow factor than any modern, luxurious home needs



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