7 Amazing Reasons To Get Your Hands On the New Homes Kenya Digital Magazine

Homes Kenya Digital Magazine

7 Amazing Reasons To Get Your Hands On the New Homes Kenya Digital Magazine

Posted by admin | June 7, 2017 | Blog

The inaugural #HKDigital is live this June/July edition.

You no longer need to keep looking for your favourite magazine in the magazine shelves and in book stores. Yes, we all love the feel of turning pages in our hands, and we love seeing the colour and life in the magazine, but we also know that the world is going digital and we have to be accessible on the online platform. Tell us you aren’t reading this on your gadget…..

1.  Be the first to READ #HKDigital

One of the biggest positives of having the magazine available digitally, is that you get your hands on the freshest copy first, and you get to know the latest trends before the hard copy hits the shelves. It’s an amazing feeling when you get an email telling you that your magazine is waiting to be opened.

2. You get HomesKenya Magazine CHEAPER!

Save an unbeatable 30% on the cover cost. When you buy #HKDigital, you buy it at Kshs. 250, when the hardcopy in the store is Kshs. 350. Whats more, you do not leave the comfort of your home or office, better still you do not need to log into your laptop, #HKDigital can be read on your phone or tablet.

3. We’ve gone GLOBAL, with amazing content

With this edition of HomesKenya Magazine, we’ve brought on board an amazing crop of local and international writers who are well versed in the real estate industry. Thinking of buying a property in London? Fret not, Jemimah Barnett, well-versed in the nuances of the London real estate market, it’s most desirable neighbourhoods, and all that the city has to offer, is ideally suited to the task of guiding her clients through the process of acquisition – finding the right home, investment, or development opportunity.

4. TRAVEL with us for amazing experiences

Get into the new Madaraka Express and take a train ride down to the Coast with Peter Muiruri, who takes us on a tour of the new Pride Inn Paradise in Shanzu. Thinking of closer home in Dubai, we have an amazing feature of Dubai’s luxury by the bay. If you are looking to invest in property, #HKDigital is the place to get your next investment. Plus, we have a comprehensive property listing that will guide you property deals in Kenya and beyond.

5. An INTRICATE piece of work

We believe that being authentically Kenyan is our heartbeat. We speak and breathe Kenyan and we strongly believe that inspiration and ideas for East Africa can only be found in our homes, in our everyday living spaces. Here in Nairobi, get a feel of a colonial style home which has stayed the same since the colonial days when the Europeans had settled in East Africa.
We compile an array of unique and beautiful home décor items to spruce up your space.

6. Buy, Read and get a FREE ticket to the 26th Kenya Homes Expo

Be among the first 10 to buy #HKDigital and you get an instant ticket to the 26th Kenya Homes Expo themed #AffordableLiving.
Now, once you read the amazing content and scheme through a myriad of properties, you now get direct entry to the biggest homes show in East & Central Africa.

7. Gardens & Interiors to TRANSFORM your living spaces.

For a glimpse into some of the most innovative and creative designs in town, get your fingertips on #HKDigital and learn how to bring the tropical indoors, make use of your small verandahs for those who live in apartments, and achieving one room wonders.

Get your copy of HomesKenya Magazine’s June/July 2017 issue, in stores and online.

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