5 Why you should advertise with the Homes Kenya Magazine

5 Why you should advertise with the Homes Kenya Magazine

Posted by Kenneth Ikiara | May 16, 2018 | Blog

The world is shifting to a more environment-friendly stand. Many companies are taking up the call from automobile companies to electricity production and recycling. The newspaper and magazine industry has not been left behind with introduction of digital reading. Devices have also become more compatible for online reading giving their customers more variety on screen sizes and resolution. Websites have also become more user-friendly especially in mobile responsiveness.

We at Homes Kenya have both paper magazine and digital magazines. On this article, we illustrate why we are pushing our digital version and why we believe you should be part of it. Digital is the future and here are a few reasons why its better than traditional publication

 Cost Management

Every magazine has to be printed, distributed then sold, unsold copies of a magazine represent a loss for a publisher.

Digital, on the other hand, allows publishers to distribute their magazines online, without having to pay the commercial mediation of suppliers and sellers. Saving on distribution costs as well as publishing costs makes it possible to have an economical price for the consumers.

Global Audience

Digital copy of magazines increases your reach to anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This kind of reach is very hard to achieve with the traditional paper magazine distribution. The logistics involved require serious planning and exceptional execution

A digital copy guarantees increase in sales to places may not even have visited before. This also increases your brand awareness and solidifies your company’s reputation.

Increase user engagement

A digital copy increases your audience and an added advantage is that it increases your engagements with your readers online through your social media accounts, email and website. The responses and feedback are instant. This can help you quickly gauge your content and understand your audience better

Convenience for our digital edition readers

Purchasing a digital magazine can be done from anywhere at any time. Readers do not have to go searching outlets for a copy of your publications. Homes Kenya Magazine has an updated database with current and previous issues for readers.

Payment is also made easier with avenues like M-Pesa, visa, and PayPal. The prices are converted to your currency for easy payment

Environmentally Friendly

Digital magazines play a big role in the fight against paper-waste and deforestation. In a world facing major climate and resource crisis, every effort to reduce wastefulness is critical. We all need to play our part in conserving our environment and leave a better place then we found for future generations.

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