4 Tips to Creating the Ultimate Geeked-Out Cinema Room

 4 Tips to Creating the Ultimate Geeked-Out Cinema Room

Posted by Jackline Mukami | March 13, 2020 | Blog

If you are somewhat bored and have been looking for a way to improve your entertainment, then why not choose to design and create your dream cinema at home?

With overpriced snacks and noisy viewers, trips to the cinema are not as magical as they once were, thereby encouraging people to find alternatives and choose the ever-appealing option of a home cinema.

Despite common misconception, installing a cinema at home can be far less complicated and more affordable than it seems. With widescreen TVs, projectors and sound systems becoming more affordable, the possibility of replicating the experience of a cinema at home is more attainable than ever.

Whether you choose to create a minimal or lavish area, here is how to design your own dream cinema;

Choose your space

Whether you choose to transform an existing space, use a spare room or build a designated area from scratch, choosing where you will put your cinema is key in the process as it will determine the end result.

Before making a choice, consider how many people will use the space — is this going to be a family room or will you be entertaining guests? This will determine the amount of seating that you should have and how spacious it should be.

Is it solely for the purpose of viewing the latest blockbusters or is it a multipurpose room capable of being a charming living room area, or for instance, a man-cave — a multipurpose room will require some degree of compromise, thereby plan wisely.

Choosing the right equipment

Although prices seem to vary according to size, choosing a slim-line television means that it can be easily mounted on the wall, giving the cinematic effect you are aiming for, whilst still offering the same benefits as usual.

With a TV you are not restricted by light, as you can watch comfortably in a light-filled room, making it perfect for a multi-purpose room, if it’s what you wish for.

However, if you want a truly cinematic experience with a larger screen, then the wise choice would be a projector.

Sound-proofing and acoustics

Making sure that the cinematic sounds do not disturb others throughout the house will be a key element to consider, therefore ensure that soundproofing is done with lightweight acoustic boards, as well as upholstered walls throughout the room, and acoustic tiles for the ceiling.

If you aim to solely transform your living room into a home cinema then the most important element to consider will be your sound system.

You can purchase and recreate by placing speakers around the room with a subwoofer for sound boosting.

Decorating the space

Whilst you may feel that the room has to be extravagantly decorated, remember that if you are simply using it for cinematic purposes then the room will normally be dark, thereby the decor can be kept minimalistic.

If you are choosing to make it multi-purpose then consider what you want — it could be the perfect man cave, where you can also entertain your friends with a bar, pool table, dartboard, and then gather around your cinematic screen to watch the football in style.

If you decide to transform it into your playroom, then why not choose dark tones that will absorb light during your viewing parties or social reunions, thereby creating a luxurious feel.

Remember that decorating is the fun part, so enjoy the process — choose a theme and whether you want it to be sophisticated or comforting.


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